Colorectal cancer patients receive top-quality care at Novant Health, which now includes four Novant Health cancer centers that have received a three-year accreditation from the National Accreditation Program for Rectal Cancer (NAPRC), a quality program of the American College of Surgeons. The programs are among just six North Carolina Cancer Centers and just 89 nationwide certified as centers of excellence in rectal care. In fact, Novant Health Presbyterian Medical Center was the first hospital in the Charlotte area to receive the accreditation, and has since been joined by Novant Health Matthews Medical Center, Novant Health Forsyth/Clemmons Medical Center and Novant Health Huntersville Medical Center, all earning perfect scores during the NAPRC review.

Dr. Douglas Rosen

“This accreditation is a testament to the fact that our team is laser focused on providing the best in comprehensive, high-quality and whole-person care for every patient we serve,” said Douglas Rosen, MD, Novant Health rectal cancer program director and a colorectal surgeon at Novant Health Charlotte Colon & Rectal Surgery.

“It also signifies an intense focus on all aspects of multidisciplinary care of rectal cancer patients that elevates the standard of care for those patients,” said Dr. Rosen.

“Each patient is presented at our multidisciplinary tumor board, and all of their cases are read by specially trained physicians in each of the different disciplines — radiology, pathology and surgery — so that they receive the highest possible standardized care that is evidence-based and allows for improved outcomes, lower rates of colostomy, longer survival and lower rates of recurrence.”

Novant Health’s dedicated specialists are also focused on providing the best care possible. “Our clinic only takes care of colon and rectal patients, so we are able to get those patients in, in a timely fashion,” Dr. Rosen said. “With multiple locations, we can meet patients where there are to take care of them locally.”

Rosen acknowledges that patients aren’t necessarily comfortable talking about their condition, but their level of experience allows them to make it easier.

Our goal is to take care of the whole patient and to make sure that whatever the problem is, benign or malignant, we can empathetically take care of the patient.”

Douglas Rosen, MD, Novant Health rectal cancer program director

Novant Health colorectal surgeons provides major abdominal care, such as the treatment of colorectal cancer, diverticulitis, inflammatory bowel disease and other colorectal conditions, usually with minimally invasive laparoscopic/robotic surgery.

“All of our active abdominal surgeons are certified and trained in advanced robotic surgery, and the majority of our operative procedures for colon and rectal care are performed in a minimally invasive, often robotic fashion,” Dr. Rosen said.

In terms of colon and rectal cancer care, minimally invasive and robotic surgery is one piece in the spectrum of care that Novant Health patients have access to. “We have an extensive support system through the Novant Health Cancer Institute, including nutritionists, counselors, physical therapists, rehab, support groups and more,” Dr. Rosen said. “Once colorectal cancer patients get into the system, they also have access to clinical trials if they’re interested.”

Novant Health colorectal surgeons provide minor outpatient anorectal surgery for hemorrhoids, fissures, fistulas and the like, as well as nonoperative treatment approaches.

One example of outpatient surgery: Certain surgeons utilize the trans anal minimally invasive surgery (TAMIS) procedure, as one way to remove small malignancies or larger benign polyps from the rectum without removing the entire rectum.

In addition to minimally invasive surgical options, Rosen said, “We can manage certain conditions with a variety of nonsurgical and even office-based procedures that can reduce or eliminate the need for an operation.” With hemorrhoids, for example, the mainstay of treatment is supplementing the diet with fiber to modify bowel habits and using topical medications and office procedures such as rubber band ligation.

Novant Health Colon & Rectal clinics routinely performs colonoscopies for colorectal cancer prevention.

Age 45 is now the recommended age for an individual to start routine colonoscopies. “There’s a disturbing trend where the rate of colorectal cancer in younger patients has been increasing, despite the fact that the overall rate of colorectal cancer in the population is decreasing,” Dr. Rosen said. His office has availability for new patients who are ready to schedule a screening visit.

To work with the team at Novant Health colorectal surgeons or to refer a patient, please call one of three convenient locations:

Greater Charlotte region

  • Novant Health Colon & Rectal Surgery – Huntersville: 704-316-3492
  • Novant Health Colon & Rectal Surgery – Matthews: 704-384-8615
  • Novant Health Colon & Rectal Surgery – Midtown: 704-333-1259

Greater Winston-Salem region

  • Novant Health Colon & Rectal Clinic – Clemmons: 336-277-4075
  • Novant Health Colon & Rectal Clinic – Greensboro: 336-660-5500

Greater Wilmington region

  • Novant Health General Surgery – New Hanover (Colon & Rectal): 910-662-7720

All physicians are board-certified colon and rectal surgeons who use up-to-date techniques and guidelines to optimize patient care and improve recovery. To learn more, visit